Here are open source projects we have coded over the past few years. These software are free of charge, and you may use and/or modify them in any way.

Blazze - open source GUI framework

Blazze - open source GUI framework.

Blazze  is 100% Java JFC/Swing GUI framework. You can use Blazze to implement Graphical User Interface of complex business applications. It hides presentation logic layer, allowing you to concentrate on business logic of your application.

Blazze provides you with a set of prepared and common used elements of a user interface. These elements are joined together by intuitive presentation logic. As a result we have got universal, generally used GUI framework which can be used for most of business applications like CRM, ERP and others. Certainly, if necessary, these elements as well as bound presentation logic can be customized according to particular application needs.

The separation of business logic and presentation is based on using well known design pattern,  named  as Model-View-Controller (MVC). Therefore, in order to fill out the UI with a data you just need to provide Blazze with data.

In addition, Blazze provides you the following features:

  • implementation of common used buttons like "New", Open", "Save", "Delete", "Print";
  • execution of long operations like loading data from a server as separated threads with a ProgressMonitor;
  • format validation for the entering data;
  • basic printing;
  • predefined generally used UI logic;

You can read more about Blazze  project on  the homepage:

Or download the source and example from:


Live Support Web Application

2005-05-13: We discontinued this project as an opensource. You may take a look at the commercial Live Support service at